Monday, October 5, 2020

Honoring Heroes During Pandemic


Honoring Heroes During Pandemic

With the pandemic on the forefront of everyone's minds, our hotels have modified a great deal of daily operations for heath and safety of guests and employees. Hotel staff members have taken the extra precautions and procedures in stride, procuring inventive solutions to every day problems in the current state of the pandemic. 

One great spark of inventiveness came with the 19th anniversary of September 11. Home2 Suites Menomonee Falls staff hosted their 4th annual Heroes Appreciation event for local heroes, and in prior years, the hotel held the event as a luncheon for local heroes to come and go as they please. Due to COVID-19, the event transitioned into a drive-thru breakfast with coffee and individually packaged treats. 

Home2 Suites Menomonee Falls hotel staff serve local hero during their annual Heroes Appreciation drive-thru event. 

"It was a huge success," said General Manager Renee Wagner in regards to switching to drive-thru. "We got great feedback from the people who came by." 

With the success of showing appreciation to more local heroes, Wagner stated they will continue forward with the drive-thru.

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