Monday, October 31, 2016

Top 10 Locally Made North Dakota Products You Shouldn't Miss

What are the top 10 locally made North Dakota products that you should try during your next visit to Minot? The Hyatt House Minot asked the experts at Home Sweet Home to weigh in on their top-selling local items. Here's what you can't miss;

1. North Prairie Bison Summer Sausage hails from Leeds, ND. Sue Ann Sexhus delivers the best Bison sausage around from her Bison ranch. What an awesome way to celebrate North Dakota heritage!

2. Mable’s Taste of Home is made by Mable Singer out of Fargo. She is in her early 70’s and still as passionate about field-to-table food. Mable hand-picks most of her fruit and delivers a time-tested Wild Chokecherry jelly that’s just like grandma made. What’s better than biscuits & chokecherry jelly?

3. Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels from Dorothy Henke in Velva, ND. She started making them for parties and everyone loved them so much that she had to make them in bigger and bigger batches! Now, Dot’s has expanded their ND facility. Her pretzels are a North Dakota staple and pair excellent with mustard.

4. Sharon Schwan’s American Honey Company out of Hettinger, ND expanded their business to include raw honey when our North Dakota population shifted and demand increased for healthier honey. Home Sweet Home encouraged Sharon to sell fresh/raw honey due to its increased health-benefits, unparalleled flavor, and unlimited shelf-life.  Now, it’s flying off the shelves! This honey is shipped all around the country right from Minot, North Dakota. Make sure you stop in and buy some while you are visiting Minot.

5. Looking for a unique keepsake? Andy Knutson is a North Dakota artist who has a studio on Lake Sakakawea. He paints on feathers, birch, leaves, well… just about anything. His work is proudly displayed at Home Sweet Home. This artist has an eye for beauty. Make sure to stop in and check out his work.

6. Jack’s Sauce -We’ve got some saucy goodness coming from Jack’s Steakhouse in Bismarck. Put it on chicken, seafood, veggies… or really… anything! Home Sweet Home stocks this North Dakota product, but shop soon and stock up because it’s a HOT item.

7. Mojo Roast by Jo Kahlifa out of Westhope, ND is the master coffee roaster behind the Bakken Sunrise coffee at Home Sweet Home. She only sources 5% of the best coffee beans from all over the world. Jo told us a story about how she purchased an oven for one of her coffee farmers. The woman was so grateful; she took a picture of herself beaming in front of her new oven on the dirt floor of her home. For the freshest cup of coffee, stop in for Bakken Sunrise coffee.

8. June Berry Topping is made by Pride Dairy out of Bottineau, ND. Home Sweet Home is proud to bring Jeff Beyer’s product to your French toast. June berry is a wild North Dakota berry that is only available in this region. Make sure you stop in to snap up this delicious treat!

9. Cindy’s Track Crackers - Cindy Lewis was a professional cook who worked in the Nascar circuit. When Linda and Allan at Home Sweet Home tasted them, they knew these crackers were the beginning of something special. They helped standardize the recipe and worked with Kalix to bake these deliciously spicy treats. Once you start, you can’t stop- try them on chili, as a substitute for croutons, or for your late-night snack.

10. Pie Candles- Marilee Beavers is a horse woman from a farm in Max, ND who works as a heavy equipment operator at Minot Air Force Base. Her amazing pie-candles look delicious enough to eat and smell up an entire room with their baked-goods fake out scent. These come as a slice, tart size (pictured), or full size at Home Sweet Home. What a perfect gift for candle or pie lovers.

When you visit Minot stay with us at the Hyatt House Minot and make sure to pick up your own little piece of North Dakota at Home Sweet Home. These North Dakota legendary products will have you singing the praises of our very own North Dakota small business owners who share their heart by giving us products that leave a lasting impression. #VisitMinot #whynotminot

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